Psycho Princess

A 3D Action Tower Defense game created in Unreal 4 in which a player will take on the role of a princess who has recently uncovered her husband's evil plans and now must use her own ingenuity to escape the castle or take it for herself.  Travel around and gather parts from breaking barrels and statues, and use the scraps to build towers of various-customizable features to help you battle hordes of gremlins and goblins of various AI.

Flood Gate Games

2015 - 2016

Lead programmer responsible for completion of all technical tasks during development.  Wrote core game play features as well as code cleanup and code reviews to other peers.  Wrote the architecture to support various behaviors that carry across enemy and tower defense AI.  The UI, animations, audio and save system were also programmed by myself and the lead designer.  I also supported other programmers in successful completion of their technical tasks using p4v.   

After School Virtually

Afterschool Virtually is a serious learning mobile games designed for early adolescents, ages 11 to 13, and published in iOS, Android, and WebGL.  It is an educational Role Playing Game where the user will be admitted to a virtual world full of short story minigames, where each character and confidante-character has their own story.  The player  must complete these minigames in sequence and will be challenged with making powerful decisions that shape the ending of each story-minigame.  The player can earn Badges and Collectables, which are then saved to the players virtual world profile as rewards. Other features it includes are taking tests and playing side games filled with motivational quotes to always encourage the player to their real life goals.  

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2014 - 2017

Working full time as an independent contractor, I've attend-across the country-orientation meetings, research retreated meetings, and have weekly video conferencing calls with all the staff.

During the development phase, I helped design the game design document as well as develop the stories in Unity. Using SourceTree-Git, I worked remotely and independently from the team.  I was the story engineer that developed the player choices, character interactions, dialogues, and interactable props in all the minigames.